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The backbone of every daily soap and films that we see are the script writers and our Script Writing Courses are designed and structured for giving the needed skill based training to the future script or screen writers for the industry. RKFMA is supported by dedicated faculties for this course having good experience in film & television fraternity.
The training session starts from the grassroots to help students in developing the platform based on which they can proceed for writing a good script which are as per the norms of the industry and will also be well accepted by the audiences. Through our unique Screenplay Writing Courses students learn to develop ideas, a well-defined structure for 3 acts, Character development, plotting the structure of the scene and many other things to make the script a perfect piece of work for films, TV and advertisement commercials.
At RKFMA, importance is on developing the foundation of script writing. The classroom and practical sessions focus on how to write a script for a film, difference forms of writing for TV serials, advertisements and other media. We will highlight on character development and how to do brainstorming to come up with new ideas for a good story. Second part of the course covers the application of different tools to know how scenes are added together to make it one whole.

Workshops are part of this course along with guest lecturers by eminent personalities of the industry and even with notable Scriptwriters.

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The Academy welcomes all of you & hope to share good time together at the platform of learning of the art & craft of the screen presentation.
Our Faculty

We have the best group of mentors and resources to shape you as a performing artist. You will be profited with the best essentials to be an on-screen character.

Exclusivity in training

Restrictive strategies for instructing, bolstered with helps, were taken after to prepare understudies at the foundation.

Well structured courses

Various courses with all around organized modules can be discovered, which are intended to suit understudies looking forward for a future in acting.

Our Value

Our vision to set new principles for the best Institute of Acting in India requires jumping profound into the flow of the universe of silver screen.

Course Duration & Course Structure

Course Overview and Contents

  • Story
    • – Idea, Concept, Theme, Genre
    • – One Line Story
    • – Synopsis
    • – Setting-up the story
    • – Plot (suspense, drama, etc.)
  • Screenplay
    • – Sequence of scenes
    • – Scenario
    • – Detailed screenplay
  • Dialogues
    • – Language
    • – Mood
    • – Impact
    • – Genre (Historical, Mythlogical, Horror, etc.)

Also includes discussions on adaption basics, background, hook-points, story beat, shooting-scripts, etc.

Professional Diploma Course Duration:

36 Sessions – Weekend classes – 3 months

Who can join?

Candidates with fluency either in Hindi, English or both languages is needed to effectively understand the lessons and perform. Physical and mental fitness is to be self-assessed by the applicants. Candidates are expected to have inclination towards various genres films like art films, fiction and documentaries, horror, science fiction, thriller, comedy, advertisements, corporate films etc.

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